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Your garden is an arena of continual change, and at Geographia Landscape Design, rather than a relentless reinforcement of the status quo, garden maintenance is understood as a complex, multifaceted activity aimed at supporting and encouraging your garden's continual unfolding.

We work closely with nature and use only natural and organic methods because they will strengthen and enhance the many physical and biological processes that are needed, both above and below ground, to create vitality. Balanced, biologically and structurally complex gardens are more resilient, able to withstand stresses that cause other gardens to fail.

butterflies on native asters

A thriving, beautiful garden is the result of a complex blend of different elements. Top quality design and aesthetics must be harmoniously merged with the many cycles and processes of nature. At Geographia, we work hard to apply the right techniques at the right times to keep your garden in a state of dynamic balance. Some of our areas of expertise include:
    • extensive understanding of plant preferences and habits
    • working knowledge of native plants
    • experience with organic gardening practices
    • familiarity with natural cycles and rhythms
    • custom blends of organic fertilizers to meet the needs of individual plants
    • sensitivity to color
    • excellent design skills
    • professional access to a wide variety of healthy plant material including natives
    • ability to design and repair garden structures as needed
    • maintenance of water features
Have Geographia join you as you celebrate your garden's movement through the seasons! Horticultural maintenance visits can be scheduled regularly (such as weekly or monthly) or on an as-needed basis.

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